24 January 2019
Meeting with Rolf Draak, WTCA Deputy CEO and Mehran Eftekhar, Group Finance Director of Nest Investments Holdings

Asset Issekeshev, head of the Presidential Administration, Bakhyt Sultanov, Astana mayor and architect-designer Kenneth Bruce James Anderson have also attended the meeting.

The Head of State heard about the project to build the World Trade Center building in the capital of Kazakhstan, and the plans are underway to fully implement it by means of foreign investment.

Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that the current meeting follows in the footstep of negotiations that took place on the margins of the Kazakh-European business forum in Brussels last October.

- In Brussels, we were discussing your proposals and agreed to meet again. Given the extensive experience of the Association of International Trade Centers in implementing such projects, I am confident that our cooperation will be fruitful for both parties. I would like the project to match the mood, spirit of our capital and harmoniously fit into its architecture, the President of Kazakhstan said.

The Kazakh leader dwelled on Astana’s construction and formation, telling about the history of each architectural object.

Nursultan Nazarbayev emphasized that Astana, being the center of the Eurasian continent, combines the architectural styles and traditions of Western and Eastern cultures.

In addition, the Head of State spoke about the progress and results of constructing pavilions of the EXPO 2017 international specialized exhibition.

- We announced a competition as soon as as we won the right to host EXPO 2017. The Nur Alem Sphere, 80 meters in diameter, is a unique structure in the world. I watched its construction. Today, based on the EXPO-2017 infrastructure, we opened the Astana International Financial Center, the International Center for Green Technologies and the International Technopark of IT Startups. The international IT university is also being created here. I think that the synergy of all projects will produce a good multiplicative effect, the President of Kazakhstan said.

Member of the Board of the Association of International Trade Centers Rolf Draak thanked the Head of State for the meeting and discuss the project to build a new facility in the capital city.

In turn, Mehran Eftekhar, corporate investment director at Nest Investments HOLDINGS, emphasized that Astana has particular strategic importance in the process of expanding the company's trade and economic ties.

- Our investment group is the keeper of 18 major World Trade Centers. We are familiar with construction and management of such objects. Kazakhstan and Astana, in particular, are an important place in our strategic expansion due to their participation in such large project “One Belt, One Way,” said Mehran Eftekhar.

At the end of the meeting, Nursultan Nazarbayev approved the submitted draft of the new World Trade Center building and instructed the Mayor of Astana Bahyt Sultanov to begin joint work on its implementation.

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