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4 November 2005
Head of the State visited №16 school and met with teachers of Kentau.

The state always puts priority on the development of domestic system of education. And you know that we steadily increase national outlays for education. For example, only in 2005, 50 new schools have been constructed in Kazakhstan financed by the national budget and 65 schools are under construction nowadays. The regional funds are directed at the same purposes. For instance, 27 schools financed by local funds are under construction nowadays in your region.

The state funding for educational institutions is being increased year by year. For an example, 10 billion dollars have been allotted from the state budget for 2005-2007 for purchasing multimedia language laboratories.

In accordance with my Address teachers salaries have increased.

All these measures positively influence the quality of education, and the results of the Single National Test witnessed it, the President said in his statement.

Head of the State noted the significant role and responsibility of teachers in deserved education of young people of Kazakhstan and the necessity of increase of the prestige of the teaching profession in every way.

You are responsible for the future of Kazakhstan, the President emphasized.

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