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4 October 2007
The Head of State Receives a Telegram from Governor Sergey Kulagin of Kostanay Region Saying Kostanay Grain-Growers Have Gathered Harvest

“Coordinated work and professional skills of machine-operators and agricultural specialists, wide application of water-saving technologies, perfect condition of the technical park renewed in recent years allowed to gather such a noticeable harvest. At the productivity of 16.56 centner per hectar, 6 millions and 552 thousands of tons of grain have been gathered in the region.

This is a recordable harvest over the whole history of the Kostanay region. It is pleasant that this harvest was grown in the year of the 10th anniversary of the “Kazakhstan-2030” Strategy. The unprecedented achievement of farmers is a practical evidence of your policy conducted since the moment of establishing Kazakhstan’s independence.

Kostanay’s residents do understand that this is not only their personal victory. They could achieve this success due to your personal support offered to the agricultural complex. We are proud of the fact that we could confirm the status of the country’s major grain-producing region and keep our word given during your recent visit to our region,” the telegram says.

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